Austin Cary Site Visit Updates…

You can visit the Austin Cary Forest Learning Center Monday-Friday 8-5.  However, the Learning Center is still under construction.  Please understand that unless you clear the timing of your visit with the Public Art Manager,, there is the possibility that you may not get access inside of the building.  You may visit the property any time it is open.

Here is a MAP of the walking trails:  forest_campus_map


Site details for your consideration:  “Rustic Elegance”

Location 1 – Front Wall

  • There is a 10 foot retractable ceiling mounted projection screen that when extended will hang 4 inches away from the wall.  Any art in this location must allow for this clearance.
  • Wall is plywood reinforced.

Location 2 – Rear Wall above entrance/exit

  • Wall is not plywood reinforced.
  • There are 16 inch center studs over the door.

Thank you for keeping these details in mind as you envision your art in this space!



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